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Traffic Generation

SEO & Social Media Advertising
$ 2500
Per Month
  • Rank at the top
  • Build Your Brand
  • Grow Your Traffic

Lead Generation

Google Ads & Conversion Optimization
$ 2500
Per Month
  • Faster Leads
  • More Phone Calls
  • Focus on Growth

Crimson Package

Traffic & Lead Generation
$ 4500
Per Month
  • Traffic Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Full Package

Mini Crimson FAQ

Ask Us Anything

We do not have a stand alone social media product. We focus on perfecting our Google Marketing and NOT on chasing the latest social media buzz word

You should be on every digital marketing platform that is giving you a positive return on investment

Good content shouldn’t be considered an SEO requirement. It should be a general website requirement because nobody enjoys reading poor and useless content.

We can boost your Digital Marketing results quickly based on your budget. Even with that being the case, you should never rely on Digital Marketing to revive your business or be some sort of a Hail Mary for your business.

SEO as it was up until around 2012 is completely dead. It is part of a complete marketing plan. We pair it with Social Media Marketing to make it even more efficient.

Don’t spend your money online if you don’t have the budget. So many companies want to spend less than 1k to grow their business and this is just not realistic.

We provide Traffic Generation and Lead Generation services. We do not focus on social media management nor do we focus on video development or LinkedIN marketing/management. 

If you choose the Traffic Generation Package you will have more relevant traffic coming to your website daily.

If you choose the Lead Generation Package you will have an increase in leads for the same amount of traffic. We will run some traffic to increase your overall lead volume as well.

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